To pay in dogecoin, make sure to select the option "(DOGE)" in "type and payment"

The prices in DOGE are fixed, because 1DOGE = 1DOGE


Please select the payment method "Payment as instructed by seller" when finalizing the order and send your doges to the address given or by scanning the QR code in the item photos.


Only these 2 stickers can be purchased in DOGE currently, so if you want to purchase other items besides these, you will need to make 2 orders.


For the “Send me some DOGE” sticker, we personalize the sticker to replace the QR code with yours. After placing the order, send your QR code (screenshot accepted) to the following email address:


Hand drawn and crafted DogeCoin cryptocurrency stickers.

All stickers are waterproof and resistant.


Available in two sizes for each:

To The Moon:
- small: 6 cm by 4.5 cm (~ 2.5 inches)
- large: 8 cm by 6 cm (~ 3 inches)


Send me some DOGE:
- small: 6 cm by 4 cm (~ 2.5 inches)
- large: 8.5 cm by 6 cm (~ 3 inches)


Great for sticking on water bottles, computers, tablets, phone cases, etc.


Shipping costs are included in the price for residents of Canada.


  • Shipping costs are free for delivery in Canada and United States for this sticker.

    For an International delivery a charge of 4.20 DOGE applies.

  • Prévoir un délai de production de 3 à 4 semaines.